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We are committed to delivering infrastructure projects that enhance communities and support our residents. In this site, you will find important information regarding our projects, which includes anything currently in design, as well as active construction. Our main project categories are: flood protection, roadways, traffic and bikeways. We also provide related data and maps regarding flood control and roadway functions for OC Public Works. Also, if you have any feedback for us, or wish to report issues, please visit myOCeServices.ocgov.com .

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Nardy Khan, Deputy Director
OC Public Works, OC Infrastructure Programs

OC Infrastructure Programs (OCIP) manages the programs for flood control, roadways, and bikeways in areas throughout Orange County. This includes the engineering, programming, design, policy development, project development and management, and project delivery support services.
  • Funding Services – Secures funding to implement the County’s Master Plan of Arterial Highways, bridges and other roadway improvement projects.
  • Design Services – Manages the design and construction of the County’s horizontal infrastructure, channels, storm drains, dams, pump stations and other drainage related facilities.
  • Traffic Safety Services – Implements signal operations and conducts traffic investigations in unincorporated areas of Orange County.
  • Regional Flood Control Projects – Coordinates with floodplain management services such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other agencies on behalf of the Orange County Flood Control District.
  • Permit Review Services – Reviews permits for private use of public roadway or for modification.

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Flood Control

OCIP staff manages the design and construction of flood control channels, storm drains, dams, pump stations and other flood control related facilities.  OCIP staff  also coordinates regional flood control projects and floodplain management services with FEMA and other agencies on behalf of the Orange County Flood Control District.

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The planning, design, construction and maintenance of roadway infrastructure, as well as traffic safety, signal operations, annual road maintenance and related services are managed by OCIP staff.

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OCIP staff oversees the planning, design, construction and coordination for bikeways within County of Orange and OCFCD right-of-way and various areas within the county.

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